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This Scientist Says has moved to a different URL but its the same wonderful place I created here... only it's living somewhere else now.

We all need a change sometimes right?

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Wait.... if you're a smart cookie (which you are because you are here) you will want to know if I'm secretly Spammy Mc Spam Face.

The good news is that no, I'm not a used car salesman wrapped in a flaky exterior. The Psoriasis Geek is my passion project. 

I want the world to know what real people who are living with psoriasis, and are working in a professional role have to share. 

Here are some of my favourite quotes from the podcast:

Reena Ruparelia Quote
Georgia Crowther Post
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About Me.

I'm a tea drinking mother of four wee babbas. I'm British and have been living with psoriasis since the age of 5. 

The Psoriasis Geek was born after a mega flare knocked my entire world sideways - and I realised the internet was full of horrific advice. 

My background is academic: I have a degree in Applied Human Biology, a Masters Degree in Industrial and Commercial Biotechnology (but I specialised in Immune modulation research) and am a qualified Nutritional therapist.

So the podcast and blog is my way of sharing my thoughts and opinions as a scientist, sufferer, mother and well... a geek.

You won't find advertising or spam because I'm building this site for you. And I'm building this site for my kids. Because I never want them begging for help on facebook like I was.

Welcome to The Psoriasis Geek Fam :-)

You can find the new site here.

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